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Have you ever dreamed of creating an online class or program of your own?
Or perhaps you’ve already launched a program or two, and what you’re *really* craving is that moment when you can excitedly update your website to say “SOLD OUT!” – perhaps while cheers-ing your accomplishment with one of your nearest and dearest at your side?
I totally hear you – and today I want to give you my best tip for getting to that moment – even if you’re a complete newbie to launching, or if your program or course is still just a twinkle in your eye.
Btw – this is all hot off the press of selling out The Invoking Magic Mastermind, which has had me smiling from ear to ear for the past few days! There is no better feeling than putting something slightly zany out there into the world and seeing that it resonates with people – that’s for sure!

Girl on fireIt had been a while since I’d given myself the experience of selling out a program that I’d created. The other offerings I’ve released over the past couple of years have never had a finite number of people that I could accept (rather, it was “the more the merrier”). But it just felt right to keep the group relatively intimate with the Invoking Magic Mastermind.
The mastermind sold out at about 8 PM my time on Friday. I looked at my email on my phone, while I was enjoying a glass of wine, and I was SO excited to see that we had reached a grand total of 30 incredible women in the group (hi, ladies!!).
This was a wonderful reminder for me of the fact that when you are creating and launching things in a manner that’s in perfect alignment with your gifts, values, and geekiest fascination, the results you get are pure magic.
And the coolest thing about this is that it works both ways: the results you get tell you exactly how in alignment you are with the makeup of your soul. So when the mastermind sold out after just a few days of being open for enrollment, I knew I was “on the right track”, so to speak. Because people can SENSE when what you’re putting out there feels amazing to you, and then they want in on that vibe. And they buy or sign up!
The bottom line? it’s so important to give yourself permission to create and launch something that is “you” to a T, because it’s incredibly validating to see the fruits of your labour when you express yourself unabashedly.
When you sell out a program, it reminds you that you can literally do, be, and have anything you want. That there’s no such thing as “impossible”; there are just perceived (read: false) “limits” to be transcended, and fascinating new realms to be explored. That being the unique being that you came here to be is exactly the point of what it means to be alive.
shutterstock_93503254So… what do you do with this information? Well, there are a couple of things that I suggest. If you want to embark on a solo adventure into discovering your soul purpose and mapping out a business around it, you can sign up for the Home Study edition of The Girl’s Guide to Creative Bloom, which is available to purchase starting right now.
Or, if you prefer to explore your soul purpose alongside a group of kindred spirits, complete with LOTS of interaction, you can click here to be added to the early bird list for The Invoking Magic Mastermind, in which case I will notify you when we’re accepting new members (my plan is to form a number of separate, intimate mastermind groups over the next few months).
Either way, your purpose MATTERS. And it’s the key to achieving everything you want in life.
It’s calling to you. Don’t ignore it – please!
~ Amanda


Magic, miracles, and that time I met Richard Branson

Amanda Aitken and Richard BransonI’ll never forget the day the email popped up in my inbox. The subject line? “Necker island and your invite for April 17!!!”
I sat there in total disbelief. This had to be a joke. After all, I was just a “regular” entrepreneur, and I had no connections to anyone super-famous or uber-successful.
But here’s what’s fascinating: two weeks beforehand, I had stumbled across an article about Necker Island (which is located in the British Virgin Islands, and owned by Richard Branson), and casually decided that someday, I would go there.
It was an offhand declaration of “I want that”… a sort of, “yep, I’ll be there someday”. I literally thought the thought once and didn’t think of it again. So I was no less than flabbergasted when this email showed up in my inbox – an invitation from a dear friend to join her for a mastermind experience on the island.
I didn’t realize it consciously then, but I had unwittingly used a “secret formula” of sorts to manifest that invitation. Since I was a kid, I’ve relied on a specific set of techniques to create downright magical results in my life and businesses – yet until relatively recently, I didn’t know exactly how I was doing it. I just knew that anything I put out there into the world tended to do really well, that if I wanted something, I tended to get it, and that for the most part, life just kept getting better.
More on the formula later – but for now, back to the Necker Island story.
My friend informed me that one of the things we’d be doing on the island was having a “Superhero Night” party, and that I should bring a costume. I immediately knew I wanted to bring the “Galaxy Girl” costume that I had bought for the previous Halloween (I kind of have a thing for extraterrestrial stuff).
virgin-galactic-logo-06As I was shoving it into my overflowing suitcase, I remember having the thought, “wouldn’t it be funny if Richard Branson saw me wearing this at the party and made a joke about how I should be the mascot for Virgin Galactic?” (Virgin Galactic is Richard Branson’s company that hopes to take “space tourists” up into the skies starting next year).
Again, it was just a passing thought – like the 50,000 other thoughts I probably have on a typical day. I giggled to myself, finished my packing, and went to bed – hoping I wouldn’t be too wound up with excitement and anxiety to sleep.
The next day, as I headed to the airport, I was extremely nervous. I knew I’d be staying on Richard’s private yacht, the Necker Belle, but aside from that, I had no idea what to expect.

The interior of The Necker Belle, Richard Branson's private yacht (I actually slept right in that couch area you see here... it turns into a super comfortable bed!)

The interior of The Necker Belle, Richard Branson’s private yacht (I actually slept right in that couch area you see here… it turns into a super comfortable bed!)

I flew from Montreal to Puerto Rico, where I hopped on a ridiculously tiny propeller plane that took me to Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands (it’s the closest airport to Necker Island). A friendly young British guy named Oggie picked me up, drove me to a nearby marina, threw my suitcase into a marshmallow-esque speedboat, and introduced me to a lovely woman who worked in PR for Necker Island (she was sharing the boat ride with us).
Before I knew it, we were surging out to sea under the most insanely beautiful star-spangled sky I had ever seen. It was truly surreal – and completely enchanting.
What happened from that point onward was pretty much a string of “is this real life?” kind of moments – from talking about mediumship with Patricia Arquette, to touring the building site of the new home that Richard Branson is building on Mosquito Island (the other island that he owns), to brainstorming ideas for how Virgin Unite can make even more of an impact in empowering young entrepreneurs in Africa, to playing with lemurs and giant tortoises, to partaking in a “goddess ceremony” at the edge of the ocean.
In the Great Room on Necker Island, brainstorming ideas for Virgin Unite
But the night of the Superhero Party took the cake. There I was, drinking Sauvignon Blanc in my Galaxy Girl costume, and reveling in the experience of being in the presence of some of the world’s most successful heart-centered entrepreneurs – including Richard Branson.
That’s when it happened.
Just moments before the photo you see above was taken, I got my official introduction to Richard. The first words that came out of his mouth?
“Great costume! Maybe you should be the mascot for Virgin Galactic!”
May jaw may have literally hit the floor.
Clearly he was kidding, but regardless, I was shocked. What were the chances that he would utter the same statement I had envisioned him saying to me when I was packing my costume a few days earlier?!
What was going on here? Had I fallen into (or out of) The Matrix? Was there a glitch in the system? Or was I being given a glimpse of some greater Truth – a wake-up call of sorts?
My mind was racing. It was already pretty crazy that I had gotten an invite to Necker Island, a place I hadn’t even known existed for most of my life, not to mention one of the most exclusive destinations on the planet, right after I casually “decided” I would make it there someday.
SundialBut this was a whole new level. There was definitely something I was supposed to learn from this. I felt as though I’d found a chink in the armor of “life as we know it”. I sensed I had been given a taste of what could be: of infinite possibilities. Of magic. Of bliss.
Of course, it’s possible that this whole thing was just a bizarre coincidence. But after putting together the pieces in my mind, I began to wonder if these two occurrences were totally random, or if I had somehow played a role in bringing them about.
People talk a lot about “manifesting” these days. I wasn’t really on that bandwagon back then, but I had to admit – it did kind of seem like I had *manifested* the invitation to Necker Island, as well as (somehow) the comment that Richard Branson made to me.
And that got me thinking: how the heck did I *do* that?
Amanda and Justin in the helicopter

Justin and I about to embark on a helicopter tour of Maui, during our work-play travels in 2012/2013

I wanted to know. NEEDED to know. So I attempted to reverse-engineer the other times in my life when seemingly unbelievable things had occurred. Such as launching an online course and making over $100,000 in the space of a few days. Such as being able to travel the world with my husband, running our business from our laptops. Such as generating a whole year’s worth of business from one blog post that I wrote. Such as being presented with a trail of clues that allowed me to solve a mystery that had stumped me since childhood.
Yep – all those things had shown up in my life over the past few years – but I suddenly acknowledged that they hadn’t happened *to* me. If I really thought about it, I saw that I had CREATED them. And I knew that if I could identify HOW, exactly, that I would have hit on some pretty amazing wisdom.
It also occurred to me that if I could understand how I had done it, not only could I put the “technique” to work in my own life, I could share it with others and help them to realize their own unique dreams – which has been a major theme in my work for the past several years. I love to create and launch online programs that empower, inspire, and open up people’s minds.
So – how exactly DID I do it? I spent some time feeling into it, but I still couldn’t figure it out. I put it on the back burner for a while, and life went on as usual.
And then, in another magical chain of events that I won’t get into here (but that you can feel free to ask me about sometime), I was led to start studying the Laws of the Universe.
That was the missing key. It unlocked a realization that made me feel like I was about to burst into technicolor flames. In a blinding flash of excitement, I realized what the secret was.
Without even knowing it, every time I had manifested a breathtaking win, event or circumstance, I had been working with the energies of the Unseen World.
Enchanted ForestEver since I was a little girl, I’ve had an affinity for the Unseen. I love searching for things that are hidden, and I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that there are invisible forces at work in the world. And once I stumbled upon the information about the Laws of the Universe, it was like I had been given the missing piece of the puzzle.
For the first time, I was able to qualify and quantify the mechanics of the magic that I had always sensed is the basis of existence. I now saw that the forces that had so intrigued me for my whole life are what underpin everything that happens on the planet. And best of all, I finally “got” the specifics of exactly what I had done to manifest that trip to Necker Island, and that comment from Richard Branson.
So what next? Well, I want to pass that knowledge on to you. It’s time. The world is ready. You’re ready. And the shifts you’ll experience as a result of stepping into this “HD” version of reality are beyond your wildest imaginings.
But you don’t have to be psychic, or a mystic, or some kind of “chosen one” to work with these benevolent forces in order to manifest whatever you want to do, be, or have. The Unseen is quite literally waiting to partner with you, starting right this second. In fact, it’s been waiting for you to wake up and smell the coffee for as long as you’ve been alive!!
It all happens in the space where science meets spirit. With a dash of quantum physics, a pinch of deep-diving personal exploration, and an understanding of the Laws of the Universe in your back pocket, you’ll be poised to attract everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Whether that’s a visit to Necker Island, or just a weekend away with someone you love.
Whether that’s a new car, or becoming a published author, or having a full docket of clients who you absolutely ADORE serving.
So… are you ready for your initiation into the Unseen World? Are you ready to make 2015 the year YOU start experiencing your own astounding synchronicities, miracles, and magic?
If something inside you is whispering “yes”, it would be my honor to be your guide, via my new program, The Invoking Magic Mastermind.
I only have room to welcome 30 women into the program at this time, and 23 of those spots are already gone. Could one of the 7 remaining spaces be yours? :)
Click here for all the details and to sign up!
~ Amanda


Girl on fireI’m super excited to announce that enrollment is now open for my latest offering: a magical six-month adventure into embodying your soul purpose alongside a merry band of kindred spirits!
The Invoking Magic Mastermind was born out of my Fairy Godmother plan, which we had three amazing women participating in (hi Nancy, Rhiannon, and Marci!).
After running the program for a few weeks, it had become clear to me that there were certain things that needed to change, in order to best serve the ladies who had signed up, and in order for me to continue to honour and express MY soul purpose and top values (which are freedom, creativity, and wonder).
So I sat down to write an email to the women in the Fairy Godmother program. Here’s an excerpt from that email:
One thing I’ve learned about this realm of business (let’s call it “spiritual entrepreneurship”) is that different programs/offerings have a way of constantly shifting and evolving, almost like a living organism, and that the best way to stay in the magic is to accept and surrender to that fact. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to me that after just 4 weeks or so of offering the Fairy Godmother program, I can already see some ways in which it is “asking” to be altered and improved upon!
The other major thing I’ve learned is that oftentimes, I’ll put together a program, and it appears to be offering one thing (i.e. the stuff that’s listed on the sales page), but it soon becomes clear that what it’s REALLY providing to the participants is actually something else. It’s like there’s a secret “undercover purpose” for the program that the participants connected with (on an unconscious level) and thus signed up for – and that’s what they end up getting out of it. And oftentimes, that secret purpose and related outcome is quite different from what is written on the sales page!
So… with all this being said, here’s what I have intuited about the Fairy Godmother program and what is really exists to deliver. I think it was meant to be a container to bring together a group of like-minded women who believe in limitless possibilities, and who are, as Marci mentioned in the Facebook group, “rising stars” who are well on their way to greatness, but who could use some energetic support for growing into their identities as the wayshowers they are destined to become.
I think it’s less about the mechanics of what you are doing in your businesses (marketing, pricing, structuring different offerings, ticking specific things off your to-do list), and more about the inspiration, the sisterhood, and the upholding of your limitless potential.

Happily, all three of the women in the Fairy Godmother program loved the sound of this, and they’re now joining me for The Invoking Magic Mastermind. We also have five other spots that have been claimed since then, so that leaves 22 spaces left for newcomers. Maybe one of them will be you? :)

So… what’s changed in the program?

- The name: no more “Fairy Godmother”! The program is now simply called The Invoking Magic Mastermind.
- The main focus is now on three things: 1) Embodying your purpose, 2) Expressing it in the form of your “Destiny Business”, and 3) Plain old fun, magic, and friendship!
- The price has been lowered significantly, because less of my time is involved (the Fairy Godmother program was $500 a month, but the Invoking Magic Mastermind is only $97 a month).
- It’s now a six-month commitment, rather than a month-by-month thing that you can drop out of at any time. I felt this was important in order to have some really rich and meaningful group cohesion, and so that at the end of the six months, you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come.
- Each of the six months of the program will have a “theme” (intuitively channeled by me) that we will use to inform our explorations over the course of that month.
- There’s no more application process. If the mastermind speaks to you, you’re in!
- I’ve created some awesome new “mini empowerment systems” that you will use every week to set your intentions and speed you towards manifesting your desires.
- Rather than be accountable directly to me, you’ll report your intentions, etc. to the group as a whole, so that everyone knows what each other is up to, and so that you can all support each other in making them a reality.
- You’ll still get a live 1:1 session with me, but instead of calling it an “Energetic Business Audit”, it’s now a “Magic Activation”. MUCH more fun, no?!
- Mastermind members get 50% off on additional Magic Activations with me. So if you ever want live time with me over phone or Skype, it’ll be easy on the old pocketbook. :)
- I’ve added in something that I’ve been wanting to do for AGES now… the chance to join me on a retreat! I’ve got a few exhilarating ideas percolating for this, and I would LOVE to hang out with you in an otherworldly location in 2015!
I can accept a total of 30 women into the program at the moment, and nine of those spots are already accounted for. So if you’re ready for 2015 to be a year of abundance, self-expression, and sisterhood, click here now to sign up for The Invoking Magic Mastermind!


This afternoon I’ve been working on a super cool promo video for my forthcoming training on how to team up with the Unseen World to manifest BIG results in your life (read: more abundance, freedom, and good old-fashioned bliss), and the whole process has been insanely magical!
But in the midst of my creative flow, my inner critic decided to stop by, telling me what a loser I am for being such a hermit lately (I’ve been spending day after day at home in front of my computer, and I *definitely* haven’t been putting in much effort in the appearance department!).
Well, you know what? “Permission slip” for you (and for me): sometimes you’ve got to be a hermit, if you want to follow your heart.
Press Play below to hear my advice on how to cope when YOUR inner critic rears its head and tries to stall your creative process!

~ Amanda


Why giving thanks is worth your while

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, and while I’m based out of Montreal, a lot of my clients, students, and friends are American – so the holiday is on my mind this afternoon.
It’s common knowledge that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for what we have, but have you ever stopped to think what the purpose is for doing it?
Many of us feel that we “should” be grateful for what we have, because there are countless others on this Earth for whom life is a struggle. On some level, we believe we must atone for our good fortune, and expressing gratitude is one way for us to attempt to do that.
Is that really gratitude, though? Or is it just feelings of undeservingness – questioning whether we’re worthy – in disguise?
The fact is, we are all completely deserving of doing, being, and having whatever we can imagine. We are worthy just by existing, and there is nothing we can do to cease being worthy. So, from this perspective, is there another role that gratitude can play?
GratitudeI think there is.
It’s definitely helpful to acknowledge that you have it pretty good, if only to get some perspective on the gravity of your problems. And herein lies a clue to the real reason practicing gratitude is such a good idea (hint: it has nothing to do with being spoiled or “ungrateful” if you don’t).
Nope – the real reason gratitude is important is simple: it feels good, and when you feel good, you beckon more happiness into your life, and are able to model happiness for others.
Practicing gratitude is not some spiritual process that earns us brownie points with God. You already ARE an extension of God (or as I like to call it, “a shard of Source”), and you are already loved unconditionally by Him/Her/It.
So when you focus on being thankful, don’t make it about feeling bad that other people don’t enjoy the same comforts or conveniences that you do. Make it about taking stock of your life, getting into a space of appreciation, and feeling genuinely happy that you are where you are. Make it a whole-body feeling that forms a smile on your lips and a spreads contentment through your belly.
When you do this, you raise your frequency (also known as your rate of vibration) – and you start to attract all the things that match that frequency; otherwise known as all the things you want to do, be, and have. That’s Universal Law.
So if you were wondering how exactly you should delve into gratefulness this Thanksgiving, be sure that you don’t unintentionally make it about what other people don’t have to be thankful for. And don’t make it about how you’d better be thankful, for fear that it will say something damning about your character.
Instead, deepen joyfully into thankfulness, knowing that doing so will invite all your desires to flow to you, and that you, like everyone else in the Universe, is wholly deserving of having everything you desire.
You will then be fulfilling a very important role. Being an example of confident creatorship in your life, by managing your frequency, is the best way you can be of service to those who are currently suffering, unaware that they too have the same inherent, benevolent power that you do.
~ Amanda


The magical world of Lisa Frank

Today my sister sent me a link to a YouTube video about the world of Lisa Frank. Remember her – the creator of all those stickers, folders, and stationery loved by girls all over Canada and the US in the 1980s?

Lisa Frank logo

She’s all about rainbows, unicorns, and stars (so basically, a woman after my own heart), and after getting a glimpse of what goes on inside her head office in Tucson, Arizona, I’m feeling super inspired!

There’s something heart-palpitating about witnessing someone’s lifelong dedication to joy, beauty, and plain old FUN.

Press play on the video below to see exactly what I mean:


Tupac and Lisa FrankHow amazing to be the head of a brand like that… a brand that’s about nothing more than putting smiles on the faces of little girls?

I remember being ridiculously obsessed with her stuff when I was young. Coming face to face with a Lisa Frank display in a store was like encountering a cornucopia of everything I adored and believed in. And that was even before I knew Tupac loved Lisa Frank, too.

Do you have any Lisa Frank memories from when you were young? Leave a comment below and let me know!
~ Amanda


Your Higher Self Is Always Right

Image from http://awakento1.blogspot.com/

I am continually amazed at how there is a part of myself that always knows what’s up.

I may be tossing a problem or question around in my brain for weeks or even months, but once that problem is solved or the issue fixes itself, I can always look back and see that my Higher Self knew EXACTLY what She was doing.

For me personally, this most often manifests itself as Divine Timing disguised as procrastination.

What do I mean by this? Well, sometimes I feel like I’m endlessly delaying a task or project, and I beat myself up about it every step of the way. But in retrospect, it’s crystal clear that my Higher Self had my back all along – and that there was a very good reason for why I hadn’t yet moved forward with the thing I felt I was “being lazy” about.

Take the launch of this site, for example. I experienced two occurrences of Higher Self Wisdom while I was busy preparing to unleash it to the world.

First, I was really struggling with the branding of the site. I spent HOURS working on a header image that looked very different from what you see up there right now – but no matter what I did, it didn’t look right to me.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in a wine bar (ha) in the Vancouver airport with Justin, asking his opinion on the image to see if I could figure out what was bugging me so much about it. He gave me great feedback, and I solemnly vowed to myself that I would finish working on it during our flight to Hawaii. But I didn’t. Instead, I did everything I could to avoid my laptop during our six-hour flight (although incidentally, I watched a great movie about a writer who actually “writes one of his characters to life” – called Ruby Sparks).

It wasn’t until we had landed on the Big Island and I was sitting on a bench, wearing my huge backpack and perspiring lightly, that it hit me: the reason I was having so much trouble designing the header for amandaaitken.com was that I already HAD the brand I was supposed to be using for the new site!

I wasn’t meant to create a new one. I was meant to use the brand that I had developed six months ago, for another project that I was incredibly excited about, but that ended up changing course.

(That happens a lot to me, too, by the way. I’ll think an idea is for one thing, only to realize that it’s really the right fit for something else entirely. More Higher Self wisdom coming in to play!).

As soon as I understood that this “magical outer space” brand was the perfect fit for amandaaitken.com, things instantly started to flow – and I was free to keep designing the site, with a big fat smile on my face.

The bottom line? My Higher Self knew all along that the header image that I’d been working wasn’t right for amandaaitken.com. And She patiently waited for Regular Amanda to figure that out.

My Higher Self had another sneaky agenda, too.

See, November 26th was the day that Mercurent “went direct” after being retrograde since November 6th. During periods of Mercury Retrograde, it’s recommended that you not launch anything new in your business, as the stars aren’t aligned to support fresh endeavours (you’ll be too busy managing unpleasant encounters with people from your past, travel delays, and technological breakdowns). :P

And while I had consciously thought to myself a few weeks ago that maybe I should wait until after this Mercury Retrograde period to launch amandaaitken.com, the impatient part of me briskly dismissed that idea as silly…and attempted to forge ahead.

But some things (especially creative things, healing-related things, and business-y things) can’t be rushed. You can push and push, but they need to come to fruition in their own due time.

And so, I find myself here, launching my site just a few days after Mercury Retrograde is over, in spite of my “best intentions” to do it faster.

Funny how that works, no? :P

The lesson here? Next time you’re annoyed with yourself for not taking action on a project or issue, relax a little, if you can. If it’s “just not working”, or if it feels really bizarrely hard, there’s a darn good reason for it. Your Higher Self ALWAYS has a master plan – even if you can’t see it yet. :)