Amanda Aitken

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Are you ready to discover your infinite potential for epic happiness and success?

If so, we should definitely talk – because I can help you in a way no one else can. A way you never even knew existed. With that problem or question that you secretly worry you’ll never get dealt with, or figured out, or free of.

No matter who you are, your happiness matters. If you’re an entrepreneur, the flourishing of your business matters. If you’re a lightworker, your mission matters. And I can assist you in tapping into a wonderful new dimension of possibilities and results, by unleashing my potent blend of intuition, empathy, spiritual wisdom, and practical coaching – channeled straight from the Universe – in service to you and the glorious life you’re meant to lead.


I’m not what you would normally think of when you picture a psychic medium.

I’ve had my own multiple six-figure business, hung out with Richard Branson on his private island, been published on, know how to create kickass websites, and love to get down on a dancefloor. Plus, unlike many intuitives, I have a profound understanding of human psychology and the interaction between thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that’s crucial to helping you make dramatic and lasting change – as well as many years’ worth of experience creating, launching, and running brands and businesses, and helping others to do the same.

But the main thing I want you to know about me is that I care about you.

Your path. Your purpose. Your life being as amazing as it can be. You getting free of heavy, painful emotions that dim your light and make being alive MUCH harder than it needs to be. You achieving what’s important to you.

You are here to experience a spectacularly fulfilling, love-filled, no-compromises existence. And while you are here to grow and learn, you are NOT meant to suffer. That’s a major misconception: one that I’m committed to addressing, one man, woman, and child at a time.

So if you are suffering – or not getting the results you desire – in any area of your life, let’s connect. Click the button below that best applies to you, to find out what the power of my intuition can do for you!

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