Amanda Aitken

My name is Amanda Aitken. I’m here on a top-secret mission to create a true “Prosperity Planet” for humankind: a place where there is no needless emotional pain, zero fear of death, and we all know how to manifest whatever our souls desire.

Sound like a tall order? Maybe, but I promise you – the New Earth is waiting… and word on the street is, they’ve already printed your boarding pass.

Only thing is… you won’t be cleared for takeoff until you address some of that “inner gunk” of yours.

(Keep reading to find out how I can help with that.)



Where in your life are you “stuck”? What fear, lack, sadness, or regret is keeping you up at night, bumping you up against the depths of despair, or draining the light from your life in a chest-tightening, stomach-churning kind of way?

Whatever it may be for you, you don’t have to live under that weight. I can show you the deeper “why” of your situation, so that you can heal it and move on.

My specialty is leading you to experience profound transformation through delivering clear and concrete messages from Spirit + empowering action steps for how to move towards what will feed your soul (a blend that I refer to as “the technology of spirit”).


I’m a solutions-focused psychic medium, award-winning entrepreneur, and Law of Attraction expert, and I’m all about assisting you to rapidly find relief from issues that are causing you undue grief.
The key word here is undue. As human beings, we are not meant to suffer. We are meant to thrive… living lives of meaning, connection, abundance, and bliss. And sure – we all have lessons we need to learn, and ways we need to grow, but these lessons can be learned gently and peacefully – as long as we are willing to give ourselves that gift.

Stuggle truly is optional. The only question is… are you ready to finally get clarity, and stop carrying around all that emotional baggage – so that you can become the wildly happy, lit-from-within person that you came here to be?

If so, my totally free Spirit Technology Toolkit will begin to show you the way.



here’s what you’ll find inside:

Spirit Technology Toolkit

My 14-minute laser audio training on how to stop worrying: get an instant infusion of upliftment to help you release negative thoughts the moment they arise.
– The life-changing introductory chapter from The Amanda Aitken Method, my program that uses a potent blend of science + spirit to teach you the exact steps to take to awaken your dormant knowledge of the magnificent person you really are, free yourself from painful feelings, and manifest the wholly gorgeous life your Higher Self intended for you.
– A subscription to Hey, Human Being, mood-boosting daily-ish emails to remind you of your unlimited potential for love, prosperity, and other magical things that are trying so hard to reach you.
– Plus, priority access to intuitive counseling by email from me! (My specialty is zeroing in on the reasons why you’re stuck where you are, and illuminating the shifts you must make to get to where you want to be, fast).

It’s all free, and it’s just seconds away. Pop your name and email in the boxes below to say “yes” to your happiness and get instant access.


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